Opportunity Can Be Found in the Face of Adversity

Free-market capitalism has been incredibly successful in creating the modern world, delivering billions from poverty and developing technological solutions to intractable problems. However our reliance upon it has blinded us to the fact that infinite growth is not possible on a finite planet.

As the world around us industrialises and global populations soar, our impact on the planet and relationship with its natural resources grows ever more fragile. The symptoms of our failure to recognise the need for change are becoming increasingly evident and are set to become even more acute. If we continue to focus on short-term outcomes and heavily discount future eventualities, our future is uncertain.

At Tellus Mater we understand the need for change and intervention is immediate but we’re pragmatic enough to know that the solutions to our problems may not require drastic upheaval. Instead we believe it requires an appreciation of the earths natural limits and a loger-term perspective to be built into our future systems thinking.

We fund, support and work with innovative, leading individuals and organisations from many fields. By bringing together the right people at the right time we identify the most powerful leverage points to effect the largest impact. Helping us to deliver viable, strategic solutions in order to shape and fuel the industries and economies of tomorrow, without compromising the integrity of our planet.


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